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This course is about:
  • Acquiring basic programming skills in an IT context 
  • Understanding why MIS people need basic programming skills and knowledge 
  • Gaining hands-on experience in developing software applications 
  • Experience first-hand MIS problems and solutions 
  • Experience and understand first-hand project management, working in teams, software engineering issues 
  • Gaining confidence in addressing MIS problems

The course objectives are:
  • Become familiar with basic programming concepts, object-oriented programming concepts, and software engineering concepts. 
  • Learn and utilize development environment for implementing their assignments and performing lab exercises (e.g. an IDE)
    • Note: you must demonstrate that you have acquired rudimentary programming skills to be successful in ITM352 (and in the ITM major)
    • Everyone is capable of doing this no matter what your background is!!!

  • Acquire skills and strategies for becoming efficient in all phases of planning, designing, programming, documenting, and testing web-based e-service applications. 
  • Gain hands-on experience with all aspects of introductory level programming. 
  • Provide a basis (skills, knowledge) for ITM 353 and ITM 354.