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To enroll in this class, you must have taken and passed ICS101 (or equivalent). You cannot take ITM352 and ITM353 concurrently. I enforce these rules out of compassion for you: if you do not have at least ICS101 under your belt, or if you try to take ITM353 concurrently with ITM352 the odds of you have an unsuccessful experience are high. Also, you are expected to have good computer skills and be able to install software and maintain your own system. You may encounter  problems! You will be provided assistance, but how you address these issues is what MIS is really about. I frequently hear students telling other students that to succeed in ITM352 you must already have some programming skills. This is NOT true! This course assumes no prior programming experience. But of course if you have some programming experience it will be an advantage and make the class easier for you.


Course Component
Percent of Final Grade
Exercises (pre-class, labs, participation)

Laptop Requirements:
You MUST bring your laptop (
less than four years old, with at least a 15″ screen and 10 GB of available disk space) with XAMPP and NetBeans (or equivalent software) to EVERY class. If you have network access issues you are are responsible for acquiring the materials for class posted to the class web site before class begins.  You are unlikely to be successful in this course if you use:

  • A desktop computer, because you will not be able to complete in the in-class assignments.
  • A netbook, because the screen size is too small to support the complexity of problem solving required in this class. While you can make do with a smaller screen you will find it very troublesome for development activity where you will be working in multiple windows.
  • A laptop older than four years, because its performance and reliability is unlikely to be at an appropriate level.

Submitting work:
Unless specified otherwise, all assignment submissions, quizzes, etc. must be done though Laulima. This is also where you can view you grades as they become available. DO NOT EMAIL ME WORK YOU EXPECT TO GET GRADED. I will certainly lose track of it and I cannot easily add it to Laulima for you. You are welcome to send me (or your TA) questions, but your actual submission MUST be to Laulima.

Assignment Late Policy:
Assignments are all day at 11:59 p.m. of the assigned date. They may be turned in late, but they lose 20% each calendar day (or part thereof) that they are late. No assignment will be accepted more than four days late. Exception: If you submit your assignment on the due date but it is past the due time, you will lose only 10% for the first 8 hours. The 20% policy begins at 8:00 a.m. on the day after the due date.

Grade Appeals Procedure:
Any appeal that you wish to make regarding a grade that you were assigned must be done so in writing. Please attach the original work to a sheet of paper explaining why you believe your grade is in error. If it is worth your time to write the appeal, it is worth our time to consider it.

Grade Disparity Policy:
If your exam grades are substantially lower than your assignment grades, this will be taken as a sign that you have not done your own work on the assignments and I will adjust your final grade to ignore the assignment portion.

Grade Negotiations:
At the end of the semester your grade will be assigned to you in a strictly objective manner empirically based on your aggregated scores. Grades therefore are never available for negotiation. Any student that "has to get an A" should use foresight and diligence to put forth the necessary attention and effort to achieve their desired goal.

Participation is more than just showing up.  You must actually participate in the class; that means talking, asking questions, answering questions, doing the exercises, and being fully present.  Excessive absences from class may result in a decrease of a letter grade, or even a failing grade.  If you have any questions about the expectations or implications of this policy, please ask!